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The Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer initiated the implementation of the Startup Incubation program at IIT Delhi in 1999-2000, as one of the earliest academia-based incubators in the country. The Institute’s incubation program aims converting technology-based innovative ideas into commercially viable products. Over the years, the Incubator has nurtured startups at a high success rate and has evolved into an ecosystem with its scale-up at the Research and Innovation Park of IIT Delhi, which has facilities to house more than 125 startups.


The vision is to encourage, besides others, research translation and create a robust ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Overall ambition is to create world-class facilities and bring together various enabling partners to help the startups navigate through crucial development stages at an accelerated pace and reduce their time towards market readiness.

Who can apply

  • The Incubator primarily supports technology-driven startups working on innovative products/ processes (Preferably in the first five years since inception at the time of application).
  • Registered in India as private limited companies under the Companies Act 2013. (Individuals can apply before registration, but onboarding will be subject to company formation).
  • Resident Indian citizens should hold the majority (> 50%) of shares.
  • At least one of the promoters works full-time with the startup.
  • Individuals/LLPs can only be considered if they have an innovation grant from government programs

How to apply

The application process is online. Interested startups can put a query mentioning their startup idea briefly at

In the response email, you will receive the link to create a profile on the ERP system and upload your presentation. Our team will then contact you for an initial discussion, and based on that, you may be invited to present your startup plan to the selection committee. More details on the process are mentioned at: news_863542024-01-2914-50-15.pdf (

Our offerings:

  • Access to prototyping facilities.
  • Access to a vast mentor network.
  • Access to various funding programs for various stages(competitive).
  • Access to FITT’s network of tech companies and R&D facilities.
  • Access to FITT’s network of deep-tech investors.
  • Strong visibility and chances to showcase at most relevant platforms.
  • An ecosystem surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Subsidized working space.
  • Business support services, including IPR management, legal and financial guidance.
  • Training, workshops and networking events.

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