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Technology Transfer and Licensing

Technology transfer is the process of transferring scientific and technological research from one entity to another for the purpose of further development and commercialization. FITT, as the technology transfer arm of IIT Delhi, is responsible for licensing/technology transfer of IP assets and know-how of IIT Delhi.

Steps involved in Technology Management & Transfer

Steps involved in Technology Management & Transfer Procedure for licensing IIT Delhi’s technologies:

Step 1: Identify and assess the technology

Interested companies may explore the available technologies for licensing from following:

  • List of technologies available for licensing in FITT website
  • List of recently filed IP in FITT website
  • IIT Delhi’s Website
  • Step 2: Query regarding technology: Contact us (Non confidential information will be shared)

    Once the technology has been identified, the company may contact the FITT technology transfer team at OR to resolve your queries and provide the information required for evaluating the technology. At this stage, non-confidential information will be shared.

    Step 3: Need additional Technical information: Sign NDA

    Write to us for additional technical and scientific details/information or for setting up a meeting or call with inventor. At this stage, the company and FITT/IITD may enter into a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA).

    Step 4: Submit License Application

    After deciding to pursue a technology for licensing, the company will be asked to submit the letter of intent on their letter head alongwith a license application. (Click here to download the application)

    Step 5: Assessment of application by FITT.

    Once the license application is received at our end, FITT will do a quick assessment and revert.

    Step 6: Sharing of term sheet

    After the assessment, FITT will propose a term sheet to the company.

    Step 7: Negotiation, if any

    Step 8: Execution of License agreement

    Execution of the license agreement enables the company to manufacture, sell and market the technology. FITT wants to assure that the academia-industry relationship with is mutually beneficial as we partner in the commercialization efforts.

    For any queries, please write to:,

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