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Asvin Tech Biodent Private Limited

Asvin Tech have developed Dentra, an AI-Powered, Cost-Effective and Scalable Intraoral 3D Scanner.

Raised Lines Foundation

Raised Lines Foundation provide textbooks in accessible format along with tactile diagrams to every student with visual impairment.

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MEDICFIBERS Private Limited

Medicfibers deals in antiviral, antimicrobial chemicals and textile solutions to save mankind from deadly viruses, bacteria, and fungi that spread infections and diseases.

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Tinkertech Laboratories Private Limited

Tinkertech Laboratories is designing and building accessible and innovative technology solutions for people with disabilities.

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Osteoskill India Private Limited

A credible solution provider using cutting edge 3D-Technology and modern manufacturing providing optimal patient-matching medical devices like implants, cutting guides and organ models for surgical planning and education.

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Care Form Labs Private Limited

Care Form Labs Private Limited is a social-centric design lab that has two brands by name Onpery and Onreen. Onpery® and Onreen™ offer menstrual hygiene products that are sustainable and reusable. Osprey is one of the brands by Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd. and OneForm Foundation.

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Silov Solutions Private Limited

Silov Solutions Private Limited aims to develop equipment for the efficient utilisation of renewable and non-conventional energy resources with the primary focus being the photovoltaic-based sources.

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Nable IT helps clients adopt the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their core business processes to improve efficiency, transparency, collaboration and customer experience.

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AINS Peopletech Private Limited

AiNS PeopleTech is an HR Technology startup helping companies to find and retain frontline talent. They provide technology based Skill Match and Skill Development Solutions.

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INRM Consultants Private Limited

Developer of natural resource management technology designed to facilitate remote sensing and integrated database management.

KritiKal Solutions Private Limited

Developed a software that aids in traffic and road sign recognition. Also, TRAZER a camera-based Automated Traffic Counting and Classification (ATCC) software technology that is used widely by Urban Planners and Civil Engineers / Academicians to study city traffic.

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Mechartes Researchers Private Limited

Mechartes provides software products for the simulation of product development in the auto component industry with domain expertise in Mechanical and Software Engineering.

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Appin Software Security Private Limited

Appin Technology Lab is a leading brand, currently a network of 110+ training labs provides comprehensive training in Information Security & Ethical Hacking. Operating training centres across India, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and the Middle East. Appin also runs online training programs in North America, Western Europe and Australia.

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Aquasense Equipments Private Limited

Aquasense Equipments provide pragmatic solutions for water measuring devices. They automate farm water systems and build groundwater level measurement sensors

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HyperX Energy Private Limited

HyperX Energy is working on Smart Lithium-ion battery packs along with in-house developed Smart BMS (modular & stackable).

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inGo Electric Private Limited

inGO’s effective micro-mobility solution (e-scooter) helps you travel anywhere faster, safer & seamlessly and with a target to serve factories, airports, hotels and apartment complexes as well.

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Care-pro Biotechnologies Private Limited

Care Pro Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. is a certified technology-based venture (leveraging biotechnology in agriculture), engaged in technology development and commercialization for microbial product development in the field of Agriculture, Industry and Environment Biotechnology.

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Advantage Organic Naturals Private Limited

Advantage Organic Natural Technologies Private Limited (AONTPL) has created a Green Proprietary Textiles Bio-processing Technology in technical partnership with IIT Delhi to produce Organic Herbal Garments with Hygiene, Skin Fortifying, & Wellness properties

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Wrig Nano- Systems Private Limited

Wrig Nanosystems Private Limited is the leading manufacturer of TrueHb Haemoglobin Meter Kit, TrueHb Haemoglobin Meter.

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Ekam Eco Solutions Private Limited

Ekam Eco-Solutions is providing an ecological solution in the field of sanitation, water conservation, nutrient recovery & sustainable habitat.

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Cutting Edge Medical Devices Private Limited

Cutting Edge is a healthcare technology startup that aims to reach the masses with healthcare solutions that outreach the economic barriers and be accessible at all social levels. They envision a world with “high-quality” affordable and accessible healthcare. They have built SCINTILLA – a portable urine protein analyser.

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Valetude Primus Healthcare Private Limited

VALETUDE PRIMUS HEALTHCARE is intending to build a Reliable & Cost Effective Fluorescent Microscope.

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TestRight Nanosystems Private Limited

Testright Nanosystems Private Limited is building a compact, low-cost Spectrometer.

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Nanoclean Global Private Limited

Nanoclean Global Private Limited.” is a Manufacturer of wide spectrum Nasofilters Filters, Safety Mask, Nanoclean AC Filter etc.

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Cerelia Nutritech Private Limited

Cerelia Nutritech is into the development of a novel platform technology for transdermal delivery of multi-micronutrients.

CLENSTA International Private Limited

Backed by science and innovation, the company caters to multiple categories of wellness, skincare, hair care, home care, pet care and more. The company aims to penetrate households across the globe by providing better choices to consumers.

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SiCureMi collects data from your wearables and uses its state-of-the-art predictive algorithms and analyses and predicts health-based anomalies.

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Flexmotiv Technologies Private Limited

Company specialized in assistive technologies spanning automation and healthcare

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Redroomtechnology Private Limited

Sanfe is India’s revolutionary feminine hygiene and period care brand that strives to build a better world for women which are comfortable, rash-free, natural & organic, safe for the body and the environment.

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Kriya Labs Private Limited

Kriya Labs provides Packaging Solutions using only eco-friendly value-added materials from waste natural materials/fibres

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Asun Trackers

Asun Solar Power Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2013 with the objective of providing best in class Rooftop EPC solutions. Later Asun ventured into providing O&M and solar asset management solutions for solar energy plants across India

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Chakr Innovation aims to create pioneering, sustainable and scalable technologies to combat the grave threat posed by pollution. Their product Chakr Shield is an innovative emission control device that reduces pollution at source and converts it into something useful.

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Vecmocon Technologies Private Limited

Vecmocon Technology is engaged in the design and development of Electric Smart Vehicles.

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Botlab Dynamics Private Limited

Pioneering the automation of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles in India. They have put together infamous drone light shows across the country such as Invest Karnataka Summit/Conclave, At India's Largest Drone Light Show at 12th Defence Expo 2022, Drone light show at Guwahati, Bihar Diwas 2022, Northeast Olympics 2022 to name a few.

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Ambrosius Tech Private Limited

Ambrosius Tech Private Limited has the vision to make the e-learning experience realistic, interactive, informative, and memorable for every student.

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Gram Vanni Community Private Limited

Gram Vanni Community enables communities to use technologies and share information that can equip them to bring positive changes in their lives.

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Anaavaran Technologies

TouchVision(Anaavaran Technologies Private Limited) is an inclusive design and technology enterprise aiming at social inclusion for one billion persons with disabilities, globally. The enterprise has been honoured with the National Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities 2019 by the President of India for the development of affordable assistive technologies.

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Ramja Genosensor Private Limited

Ramja Geosensor building a novel device to detect gram-negative bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance in patients with Acute Leukemia.

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Machphy Solutions Private Limited

MachPhy™ is one of the fastest-growing cold chain providers in India for biologics healthcare, post-harvest fruits & vegetable shelf life preservation and in retail use industries.

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ETEX Healthcare

Etex Healthcare offer functional textiles with antiviral and antimicrobial properties that offer protection against bacteria, mould, mildew, viruses, and other hazardous microbes. The antimicrobial property of the garment remains effective even after 30 washes under mild conditions.

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NanoDx Healthcare Private Limited

NanoDx diagnose diseases, assess severity, guide best clinical practices and design novel therapeutics to improve patient outcomes.


Nanosafe is in the development of functional materials imbibed with antimicrobial properties for improved health and hygiene.

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Credext Technologies Private Limited

Credext Technologies is a product company that designs facial recognition & productivity management solutions for modern workspaces.

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Creditas Solutions Private Limited

An innovative technology company that provides lending institutions around the world with tech-based debt collections solutions to help them unlock efficiencies, enhance the brand experience, improve recovery success and reduce cost. Also, the creator of Ethera - the world’s first Saas-based ‘Neo Collections’ platform, that offers a holistic yet dynamic beyond digital debt collections experience.

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Vizara Technologies Private Limited

Vizara Technologies aims to create solutions using state-of-the-art technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence (AI), and 3D printing.

Matisoft Cyber Security Labs Private Limited

Matisoft’s Advanced Malware Scanner is one of the most advanced AI-based ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) antivirus developed from the combined experience of ethical hackers, virus researchers and AI experts.

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ISLP Technologies Private Limited

ISLP Technology is working on platforms/products on emerging blockchain technology for use in diversified industries


Anchiale Technologies is in the field of materials research and design development. They are building low-cost state-of-the-art water-activated powerless heating systems

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Green Leap Robotics

Greenleap Robotics is providing advanced robotic solar panel cleaning solutions.

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Luminasic Pvt. Ltd.

Luminasic is a leading developer of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) specifically designed for CMOS image sensors, enabling advanced imaging capabilities in diverse applications.

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Green Bam Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Green Bam is dedicated to realizing a sustainable future by developing and implementing cutting-edge green technologies and delivering energy-efficient solutions.

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Reconstructive Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Fabrication of patient specific facial rehabilitation system with regenerative capability.

Yonyx Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Yonyx is the leading cloud-based platform for creating business process-driven applications that help large teams of users follow consistent workflows. Customer service, technical support, telemarketing, customer onboarding, insurance claims processing, and various other backend processes are areas where Yonyx adds significant value.

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Omnia Information Pvt. Ltd.

Omnia Information gather & manage large data from various sources and provide the same over the internet for use at home and through public Wi-Fi.

Genesis Location Services Pvt. Ltd.

Genesis Location Services Private Limited is into Location-based products and services.

Aerogram Pvt. Ltd.

Aerogram has developed battery management system, air pollution monitoring & data logger.

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Substantial Artificial Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Substantial Artificial Intelligence is accelerating material discovery using data-driven tools to develop new, sustainable and innovative materials faster.

Maplepods Green Leisure Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Maple transforms junkyard automobile shells into unique hospitality and entertainment products for airports and stations, providing exceptional service to passengers with long waits, layovers, or cancelled flights.

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