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S.No. Title Description
1. Induced Charge Plasma Based Semi-Conductor Device An integrated thin film device of BCPT with CMOS having excellent properties like high speed, high gain for mixed signal circuits & analog amplifier.
2. PVA supported resins for arsenic separation and product thereof Synthesis of cost effective PVA supported resins for arsenic separation having antifungal properties.
3. A system for generating refreshable tactile text and graphic Handheld, portable Electronically controlled device to project tactile Braille characters of standard sizes and dimensions on a refreshable display surface.
4. Micro-heater in silicon substrate for sensors A micro-heater with low power consumption without compromising the strength of substrate.
5. Sensors for detection of volatile organic compounds and gases It is an object of the invention to provide a low cost and energy efficient sensor for detection of gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
6. Microbial process for removal of toxic phorbol esters from de-oiled Jatropha Seed cake An ecofriendly, economic and less time consuming microbiological detoxification process for removal of phorbol esters from a plant substrate containing phorbol esters, in particular de-oiled Jatropha seed
7. Voltage and frequency control of self excited induction generator A cost effective brushless generator in isolated three-phase four-wire system under balanced and unbalanced operation for rural areas.
8. Selective detection and analysis of small molecules A cost effective surfactant system for polymerization with lower chain length and interfacial reaction system.
9. Water washable, pollution preventing microemulsion printing ink A process of making water washable, micro emulsion oil based ink containing esterified high molecular resin.
10. Multifunctional Wheelchair A multifunctional, navigational wheel chair helps in accessing toilets.
11. Process for refolding of recombinant protein A protein refolding process for recovering large and multi domain recombinant proteins from their non native and denatured state to the functional form
12. Process of preparation of polymeric nanoparticles A method of producing the biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles and nanocarriers having great potential in therapeutics, diagnostics and theranostics.
13. Versatile perfusion module for supporting membranes A reusable, economic autoclavable filter module used for both adherent and non adherent cells, mammalian cell culture.
14. Highly Efficient Myco- tablets for bioremediation A method for preparation of myco-tablets with high biological and physical efficiency with long preservation time and short activation time. Product has improved viability, dye removing efficiency, hardness, friability and disintegration time. Very helpful in treatment of waste water.
15. An Ecological sanitation toilet pan A device comprising of ecological and dehydrated toilet pan which can be employed for source separation of faeces, urine and wash water in composting and urine diverting dehydration toilets.
16. Solvent free process of making a 3-D porous scaffold A single step solvent free Synthesis of porous scaffold
17. A method for preparation of Blue colored aqueous dispersion of silver nanoparticles A durable, wrinkle free, antimicrobial blue colored aqueous dispersion system of silver nanoparticles having application in Home, Apparel, medical, and in military.
18. Power generation systems for micro hydel applications A cost effective, reliable, & failure proof analog controller for controlled frequency operation in two winding single phase self excited induction generator (SEIG) based power generation systems for micro hydel applications.
19. Device Measuring Wicking Properties of fabric An error free full scale measurement of wicking properties of fabric through a computer software graph charting.
20. Purification of recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (rHu GCSF) A process for purification of recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (rHu GCSF) from inclusion bodies expressed in microbial cells.
21. Air entrainment in cement and cement mortars by Colloidal Gas Aphrons (CGA) for manufacture of aerated concrete A method of preparing air bubbles of regular shape and size for aerated concrete matrix for better physical properties and consequently better performance
22. Enhanced imaging version of MRI with super magnetic iron nanoparticles A process providing active-targeting of superparamagnetic metal oxide nanoparticulate formulation as an MRI contrast enhancing agent for imaging of organs of the RES
23. Magnetorheological brakes Magnetorheological brake for operating under shear, compression and valve modes
24. A system to provide Tunable Peak to Average Power Ratio Frequency Division Multiplexing Methods, apparatus, systems, devices, and/or computer program products to provide tunable peak-to- average power ratio (PAPR) frequency division multiplexing in communication networks
25. A robotic pipe crawler for inspection of pipe A economic multipurpose robotic pipe crawler for complex pipe network for detecting the cracks and leakage accurately
26. System for organic devices fabrication under oxygen free ambience A thermal evaporation system for organic devices fabrication under oxygen free ambience for thin film coating
27. A process for chaperone assisted folding of multiple recombinant proteins in E.coli A process for chaperone assisted folding of multiple recombinant proteins in E.coli
28. A sustained release formulation coating methotrexate and folate nanoparticles and a method for preparing the same A method of preparing sustained release formulation which the folic acid based functional groups may help target cancerous cells.
29. A power factor correction based bridgeless canonical switching cell converter fed brushless DC motor drive for low power applications A method to achieve a voltage control and power factor correction at AC mains using a single converter and a single controller which reduce the complexity of control requirement and the cost of overall system.
30. ASIC Design to Detect Cardiovascular Diseases A Low Power ASIC Design to Detect Cardiovascular Diseases based on a Novel Algorithm for QRS Complex Detection
31. A tool for nano finish surfaces A tool for producing variable magnetic field by permanent magnets for nano finish surfaces particularly in blind holes, smaller holes, deep grooves and vertical curved surfaces of components formed of similar or dissimilar materials with different hardness.
32. An apparatus and method for voter verification A device and method for authentication-cum-digital inking for identifying a voter, checking the validity of the voter and marking the finger electronically.
33. A system for free space optical communications A simple cost effective system for free space optical communication
34. A folding mechanism for folding flat structures A folding mechanism which can be used for folding two parts of a flat surface such that the folding mechanism does not have any intrusion on the sides which approach each other during folding and there may be no gap between the two sides either before or after the folding.
35. A Process for the isolation and purification of a Glycoprotein Avidin This invention provides a process for the isolation and purification of Avidin from egg white in a single step.
36. Method for computing Device for generating a 3Dbody The present invention relates to a computer- implemented method and a computing device for generating a three- dimensional (3D) body which is configured to cast in different directions shadows representing different images.
37. Instantaneous Partial Self-FEXT Cancellation and Precoding in VDSL Using received/transmit Symbol Energy Information at the CO This invention describes systems and methods for partial self-FEXT (far-end crosstalk). One of the methods determines the instantaneous amplitude and energy level of the input signal and selects the disturbers to cancel according to the instantaneous characteristics chosen on a per-DMT (discrete multi-tone) symbol basis
38. A Gunn diode oscillator in suspended strip line configuration with evanescent guide termination The present invention relates to a millimetre wave strip line suspended configuration Gunn diode oscillator with evanescent guide termination
39. A Covalently Cross-linked alginate based wound dressing material and a process of preparing the same The present invention relates to a covalently cross-linked alginate based new wound dressing material with improved structural integrity like absorbing, holding and healing ability. In this, alginate salts are chemically modified and both ionically and covalently cross-linked
40. An Instrument for measuring torsional properties of fibres and yarns The present invention relates to a novel instrument and process for measuring the torsional properties of fibres or spun yarn. The torsional properties of yarn affect snarling, unwinding, knit ability during processing and spirality, shape factor, dimension of loops in knitted products and drape, crease recovery, crepe effect, etc. in woven fabrics. Many fabric properties depend on the state of torsion of the individual filament of the yarn.
41. A device for detecting contaminants from cotton and the process thereof This invention relates to a system and method for real time monitoring of vibrations and large deformation in diffused materials using sequential subtraction and image enhancement.
42. An improved Geo-synthetic clay liner and method of manufacture thereof This invention relates to an industrially feasible method of manufacture of an improved “Geo-synthetic Clay Line (GCL)”, which can be used on slopes of varied degree as the clay is confined to the compartments and does not get displaced during transport and handling. ecoliand shows improved tensile strength and low permeability.
43. A process for the production of Energetic Binder (Azido Polymer) The invention particularly relates to a process wherein a novel allyl azide oligomer and a novel dipolarophiles are used for the production of energetic binder. The binder finds its use as fuel in rocket technology and as high-energy material for composite solid propellant with an improved performance.
44. Recessed microstructure device and method of fabrication thereof The present invention relates to a micro-electro-mechanical device with a recessed micromechanical structure using silicon wafers. The method for the fabrication of the micro-electro-mechanical device uses micro machining techniques.
45. A dispersion compensated broadband optical communication link The present invention relates to design of a dispersion compensating optical fibre link suitable for broadband dispersion compensation of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed (DWDM) optical signals transmitted through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) specified standard G.655 signal transmission fibers.
46. Rust inhibiting overcoat composition The present invention relates to rust inhibiting overcoat composition applicable for Ferro-metallic surfaces. The composition of the overcoat finds application in several industries like shipping, automobile, petroleum and petrochemical industries, cement and steel industries, construction, agro-based industries, pipelines, storage tanks, railways, dams and bridges, food and beverage industries, defence installations, water supply industries, and the like.
47. Front to back alignment apparatus for photosensitized substrates The present invention relates to front to back alignment apparatus for photosensitized substrates. It also describes a method for positioning a photosensitized substrate for printing a pattern from the mask symmetrically onto the front to back photosensitized substrate in an exposure apparatus used in a photolithographic process for fabricating semiconductor devices, image pick-up devices such as charge-coupled devices, liquid crystal displays, thin film magnetic heads, sensors, and actuators, MEMS or the like.
48. Blind detection of bpsk signals in a multi-user environment The present invention relates to a system and method for the blind (without using training sequences) detection of BPSK signals in a multi-user environment with multiple simultaneous transmitters. The received signal is a composite signal consisting of several delayed phase shifted and attenuated versions of the desired signal with other such signals from other transmitters. It has utility in the CDMA environment.
49. Method for the production of high modulus fibres or gradient drawing process This invention relates to a method of producing High Modulus polymeric fibres such as Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester and Polyethylene which are processed in the route of melt spinning and drawing. The product is made by drawing over a heater having a gradient of temperature resulting in fibres having improved tensile and thermal properties.
50. Multifilament gradient heater The present invention relates to a heater having a temperature gradient useful in post-spinning operations of textile fibres which results in improved tensile and thermal properties of fibres. The nature of the gradient, extent of gradient and end temperatures can be varied for the heater and are seen to affect the properties of the fibre under investigation to a significant level. The present invention also relates to processing of man-made fibres for changing the fibre properties. The multi-element gradient heater can be used in any operation where a variable gradient of temperature is required.
51. A System and Method for achieving contention free beacon transmission The present invention relates to a system and method for achieving contention free Beacon transmission. It embodies new mechanisms to select a single Beacon Transmitter as winner among multiple contenders, to synchronise the end of ATIM-window time period for all STAs.
52. A System and Method for achieving high throughput in ad-hoc wireless LANs The present invention relates to a system and method for achieving high throughput in ad-hoc WLANs. This method uses a new protocol w silicon wafers hich consumes significantly less power for broadcast traffic and eliminates contention among transmitting stations for transmissions to PS stations, and lead to high system throughput.
53. Fabrication method of microstructures with perfect convex corners The present invention relates to a method of fabrication of micro-electro-mechanical devices which require structures with perfect convex corners. It uses silicon wafers provided with micromechanical structures using micromachining techniques.
54. A degradable polymeric composition and a process for its manufacture The invention relates to a degradable polymeric composition comprising of polyolefin, a hydrophilic polymer containing carboxylic acid groups which is modified by long chain alcohols as a degradant and a facilitating agent for said composition in conjunction with degradation. The invention also provides a process for manufacturing the composition of this invention.
55. Method for specific integration of t7 rna polymerase gene in the chromosome of corynebacterial and the resultant corynebacteria-t7 promoter based shuttle vector system The present invention relates to the method for obtaining optimum expressed proteins in transformed gram positive bacteria by specific integration of T7 RNA polymerase gene into the chromosome of a gram positive bacteria exhibiting resistance to aminoglycosides. The method comprising:- digesting an E. coli.
56. Configurable data converter This invention relates to the configurable data converter and method for configuring and converting the data signals. The input is compared to the output of a counter and on receiving a match signal the output of the counter is used for generating a output code (analog or digital) corresponding to the output. A mode is provided for configuring the generated output code.
57. Fabrication method of microstructures with perfect convex corners The present invention relates to a method of fabrication of micro-electro-mechanical devices which require structures with perfect convex corners. It uses silicon wafers provided with micromechanical structures using micromachining techniques.
58. Knot secure suture from polyethylene The present invention relates to surgical suture made from linear low density polyethylene and a specific process for suture development with imparts high knot security as well as excellent antimicrobial property and sustainable release from polymer matrix.
59. Non-invasive system and method for glucose monitoring A Non-invasive system and method for glucose monitoring.
60. A System and Method for achieving low power consumption in ad-hoc wireless LANs This invention suggests a method for reducing the power consumption in ad-hoc wireless LANs. The new protocol mechanism works by reducing the contention in Data transfers, without the need of any centralized control. The reduced contention allows the PS stations to sleep for much longer duration leading to large power saving, as compared to IEEE 802.11 protocol.
61. Biodegradable Master batch (Bio-D-MB) Formulation for Packaging Fiber Application The invention relates to a degradable polymeric composition comprising in addition to the polyolefin, a hydrophilic polymer containing carboxylic acid groups which is modified by long chain alcohols as a degradant and a facilitating agent for said composition in conjunction with degradation thereof is described. Further a process for the manufacture of the said degradable polymeric composition is illustrated.
62. Poly-Si triple-gate thin-film transistor with diminished pseudo-sub-threshold region The invention relates to an improved thin film transistor having reduced off state leakage current where the front gate consists of two materials and three sections in order to reduce the OFF state leakage current without affecting the ON state voltage.
63. Improved Collector Breakdown Schottky Collector Barrier Transistor This invention provides details of a Schottky collector barrier transistor having high breakdown voltage with a two-zone base with two embodiments of the invention namely Two-zone base lateral SCBT (TSCBT) and Two-zone base Extended BOX lateral SCBT (TESCBT). The breakdown voltage becomes as high as 12 times that of the conventional lateral Schottky collector bipolar transistor. The proposed structures are suitable in the design of the new generation scaled high voltage Schottky collector bipolar transistors for low power high-speed analog applications.
64. Reduced Rating T-Connected Autotransformer for Converting Three Phase AC Voltages to Nine/Six Phase Shifted AC Voltages The invention provides a T-connected autotransformer for converting three-phase ac input voltages to nine/six phase shifted ac voltages feeding three sets of three-phase diode rectifier bridges. The design is advantageous as it requires substantially fewer coils than other autotransformers for 18-pulse AC-DC converters, resulting in saving in space, volume, weight, size and cost of the converter. The magnetics requirement is only about 30% of the drive rating. The output voltage ratio can also be selected to give an average dc output from the proposed converter same as that of a conventional three-phase diode bridge rectifier. It also allows to step up or step down the output voltage as required.
65. An improved device for coupling suspended stripline and NRD guides The present invention relates to a hybrid microwave-coupling device for transmitting signals from non-radiative dielectric (NRD) waveguides to suspended striplines (SSL) or vice-versa. The two transmission lines are placed transversally with longitudinal side of the NRD guide facing the SSL for conversion of particular transverse electromagnetic (TEM) mode to Longitudinal Section Magnetic Mode (LSM).
66. Hybrid Passive filter for Harmonic Mitigation in AC-DC Converters Feeding Variable Frequency Drives The invention provides the design and development of a passive hybrid filter for effective harmonic mitigation in voltage fed type loads such as variable frequency induction motor drives, power supplies etc, capable of regulating the dc bus voltage within limits. It also provides improved power quality in terms of low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of ac mains current and high power factor over a wide operating range of loads. It requires substantially lesser rating passive components, resulting in saving in space, volume, weight, size and cost of the converter. The total rating of all components of passive hybrid filter is only about 34% of the dc load rating.
67. Protein folding in vivo for overexpressed proteins in Escherichia Coli Simpler and economical upstream and downstream processes to obtain correctly folded protein and obtaining the said translocated proteins by gentle and selective disruption techniques without other cytoplasmic proteins of host E. coli
68. Process for purification of mbp or mbp tagged proteins A process for purifying a MBP or MBP tagged protein using alginate matrix and kits for use in the field of protein purification
69. A process for lipase mediated transesterification of glyceryl esters A process for the preparation of lipase precipitates for use in transesterification of glyceryl esters to obtain alkyl esters
70. Formation of Ester and Amide Bonds by Enzymes in an Aqeous media A process for preparation of a product selected from the group of ester, amide, or peptide.
71. Method of surface modification of enzyme co-aggregates, reagents, surface modified enzyme co-aggregates and uses thereof The invention relates to cross-linked enzyme co-aggregates comprising of at least one amino acid, method of preparing the same, and uses thereof
72. Indigenous probiotic strain supplemented with growth promoter as food supplement The technology offers an indigenous probiotic strain to Indian market for its better acclimatizing potential and a growth promoter for the probiotic strain for enhancing its storage stability and other biological properties. A process for the production of the probiotic strain in an optimized medium such that its physiological properties are stable is also offered.
73. A biopesticide for termite control It is an environmental friendly biopesticidal formulation against termite comprising of phytochemicals. The product is biodegradable.
73. Cost Effective Purification of Recombinant Proteins It is a process for purification of pure and therapeutically active recombinant human proteins from inclusion bodies expressed in microbial cells.
74. A composition for enhancement of pathogenicity of Paecilomyces Lilacinus and uses thereof A composition for the enhancement of pathogenicity of Paecilomyces lilacinus spores in management of nematode infestation, the composition comprising: non-edible oil cake; biogas slurry; and a carrier. The present disclosure also relates to a method for the application of the composition for management of root-knot nematode infestation of plants.
75. Multifunctional Bioactive Wound Dressing An ideal bioactive dressing and its process of preparation that promotes wound healing by enhancing angiogenesis, prevents microbial infection and is biocompatible
76. A Process for Preparation Of Nanosilver Gel And Smart Structures A less time consuming process of preparation of antimicrobial nanogel comprising of nanosilver that can be attached to surface of any biomaterial and is biocompatible
77. Kit to Estimate Iron In Humans A kit and assay method for use in pathology for direct estimation of non transferrin bound iron (NTBI) in circulating body fluids
78. A Handheld Santization Device A cost effective handheld sterilization device and method for sterilization of samples which is quick and effective against a wide range of microorganisms
79. A Multi Use Efficient Transformer An autotransformer for converting three phase ac voltages to nine/six phase shifted voltages, which can be used for harmonic reduction in different applications such as adjustable speed AC or DC motor drives.
80. An Efficient Electronic Data Acquisition System An electronic data acquisition system with an advanced automatic controller for invoking an emergency response quickly, thereby increasing efficiency of data transfer.
81. A System For Energy Recovery A process for mechanical vapor recompression of steam-air/carbon dioxide mixture for energy recovery, thereby energy saving that involves capturing of carbon dioxide from a gas mixture by chemical absorption accompanied by steam desorption
82. An Apparatus for Detecting Metallic Objects Using Wireless Communication An apparatus to detect metallic objects especially to detect the presence and location of bombs, shrapnel and it also conveys the radio frequency images to a central location.
83. Multi-Perspective Video Analysis A method for analyzing highly dimensional heterogeneous data from multiple sensors for the purpose of clustering similar patterns in the different components of this data and composition of these clusters for multi-sensor fusion.
84. Larvae and egg detector This summary is provided to introduce concepts related to systems and methods for detecting larvae and eggs of various disease causing vectors like mosquitoes. The system communicates over a network with a centralized server and a mobile computing device.
85. Clubfoot deformity measuring device A single device equipped to detect and measure the level of deformation that is sufficient for measuring all of types of deformations of clubfoot.
86. A system and method for tracking of a mobile target A system and method for tracking mobile target by appropriate selection of two sensors at a given time.
87. New orthosis for simultaneous 3D correction of club foot The current device eliminates the need of plaster and of doctor to change the applied forces for further correction. The orthosis is simple to apply and remove. It also ensures 3D movements of foot.
88. A System and method for preventing hacking of digital information A device and method of encryption of digital information with controlled level of security such that it can be changed as per the desired requirements
89. Contralateral limb controlled prosthetic knee joint A contralateral controlled prosthetic knee joint which eliminates the need to train the user, with the reliable and secured wireless transmission for data transfer from normal to prosthetic limb
90. A System and Method for achieving low power consumption in ad-hoc wireless A system and method based on mechanisms for PS stations to receive all their data frames as a single burst for achieving low power consumption in ad-hoc wireless LANS
91. A System and Method for achieving high throughput in ad-hoc wireless A system and method for achieving high throughput in ad-hoc WLANs by elimination of contention among transmitting stations for transmissions to PS stations, and lead to high system throughput.
92. System and Method for Accessing Data Using Wireless Communication A system and method for accessing data available online or offline using a display unit enabled with wireless communication. It is an energy efficient system that supports error correcting abilities, as well as limited mobility.
93. A Masonry building unit, the apparatus and process to make a wall thereof The present invention relates to a unique masonry building unit or modular building unit such as a brick having interlocking or interfitting projections and depressions which are self aligned and self adjustable.
94. A device and a process for conversion of biogas to a fuel gas A device with enhanced thermal efficiency through enrichment of methane and the scope to induct additional air for improving power output of the engine.
95. A device for generating electricity and method thereof Foot step electricity generator is an arrangement of levers in which small motion given by a human foot is amplified and used to rotate the electric generator.
96. Direct Ethanol based Alkaline Fuel Cell is a stacked fuel cell including anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte carrier to carry an electrolyte solution
97. A natural nutrasweetener The sweetener is extracted from flowers, that is high on antioxidant and find application in beverage, food industry. It doesnot leave a bitter taste as Stevia.
98. Industrial & Pharmaceutical purpose L-Asparaginase A high thermal and pH stable enzyme with no glutaminase activity, reduced side effects such as immunotoxicity and immunosuppression that finds application in cancer treatment as well in food industry
99. Cross linked protein coated microcrystals and process A method of preparation of cross linked protein coated microcrystals and their use as catalyst in chemical reactions in non-aqueous media
100. A process of thermoplastic pultrusion A method involving radial impregnation die for impregnating fibers in form of fibers bundles so that the individual fibres are surrounded by reinforced thermoplastics
101. A device and method to measure quality parameters of a fabric A fabric feel device for measuring quality parameters of a fabric that has split nozzle that enables effective fabric handling and precise measurement.
102. An instrument and method to measure cut resistance of a material An instrument and method to quantify the cut resistance of fabrics enabling designing of a fabric that enables protection against all kinds of cut hazards
103. A method of processing silk yarns The present invention relates to a method of mechanical processing of silk yarn through splicing and surface modification thus providing a better quality product
104. Air filtration measuring apparatus An simple in construction and easy to use apparatus that enables reliable and academic measurement of various filteration characteristics of filter element materials.
105. A digital holographic microscope The subject invention provides for a common-path digital holographic quantitative phase microscope which can work in transmission as well as reflection mode.
106. An optimization technique for determining unknown concentration of constituents of mixture A method is provided for determining unknown concentration of constituents of any known mixture. In the method, obtaining a plurality of chromatograms relating to known concentration of known mixtures and at least one chromatogram relating to unknown concentration of the known mixture; converting each of the chromatograms into signal vectors; condensing the dimensions of each of the signal vectors for obtaining low dimensional signal vectors.
107. Classifying test data based on a maximum margin classifier Systems and methods for classifying test data based on maximum margin classifier are described. In one implementation, the method includes obtaining training data having a predefined sample size, wherein the training data is composed of separable datasets.
108. A method & apparatus to measure fabric appearance The apparatus and method for objective measurement of fabric appearances using digital image processing. It provides a consistency and reliability in the measurements that is not affected by biases.
109. A process for preparation of energetic binders An process of preparation of energetic binder with elastomeric characteristics having high burn rate, that is produced from azido polymer and dipolarophiles.
110. Enhanced imaging version of MRI with super magnetic iron nanoparticles A process providing active-targeting of superparamagnetic metal oxide nanoparticulate formulation as an MRI contrast enhancing agent for imaging of organs.
111. Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) box A secured pilfer proof, reusable, box and its process of preparation for carrying high value materials such as paper currency substituting the use of wood or wood based materials.
112. Lanthanum precursor preparation and method of its optimization Microemulsion mediated process for production of nanomaterial precursors wherein its shape and sizes of the particles can be controlled efficiently.
113. Process of producing zno nanostructures by self assembly of spray pyrolyzed nanoparticles A process of fabricating zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures through continuous spray pyrolysis (CoSP) reactor, wherein desired size and height are controlled.
114. Production of colloidal liquid Aphron (device and process) A device and process capable of producing uniform colloidal liquid aphron with better efficiency requiring less conversion energy and takes less time.
115. Production of nano-particles by spray pyrolysis and related apparatus An apparatus and method for producing pure nano particles of uniform size and desired quantity with high quality and reproducibility. It is a less expensive and scalable method of synthesis.
116. Support plate for packed device A simple, economical support plate for a gas liquid counter current flow packed column designed in such a way that enables simultaneous gas flow and down-flowing liquid to flow through the support plate. This is widely used to conduct absorption and distillation operations.
117. Process for finishing 3D intricate shaped surfaces A process of generating magnetically controlled ball end smart abrasive laden shape for finishing of 3D intricate shaped surfaces. It finds potential applications in aerospace, automotive, dies and molds manufacturing industries.
118. For processing ultrasound data in an ultrasound imaging system Ultrasound Imaging Systems are used in non-invasive diagnosis of tumours which requires an ultra-fast ultrasound scanner working at 1000 fps to observe the inter-frame movement of wave propagation
119. Hip protective device This invention relates to a hip protective device for elderly people to protect neck of femur and trochanteric region during fall.
120. Scar preventing wound dressing material The present invention relates to the wound dressing and its medical applications. It relates to scar preventing wound dressing material and the process of preparing the same.
121. Scaffolds for creation of different peptide conformations Molecular scaffolds for control of peptide conformation ranging from alpha helix, beta sheet and reverse turn for protein engineering and drug design.
122. LPG Cylinder CAP remover The cap opener allows for opening the LPG cylinder cap comfortably, with very less effort and no harm to hand due to rope burn.
123. Smart biocompatible nanosystems for targeted drug delivery in cancer. The present invention relates to a chemotherapeutic nanosystem and its process of production. The nanosystem has been designed to enable scalability and reproducibility.
124. Green fluorescence carbon dots for pH sensing. The present invention relates synthesis of carbon dots using hydrothermal reaction and organic carbon source. The carbon dots are resistant to photo bleaching and their circulation time can be optimized according to application.
125. Thread Forming Lobular Dental Implant The invention provides for development of dental implants having features such as lobular cross section at apical region which enables formation of threads in the bone providing better stability and immediate loading of dental implant
126. Water pumping system with solar photovoltaic array FED brushless DC motor It is a single stage solar photovoltaic array fed brushless DC motor drive for water pumping. The system is capable of operating SPV array at its optimum power using the same voltage source inverter used for motor control.
127. A Grid Interfaced Unidirectional Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Using Three Phase Induction Motor Drive with Maximum Power Point Tracking. A smart power sharing concept has been used to extract the maximum power from PV array and draw the deficit power from the grid for maximum water discharge
128. A grid interactive solar photovoltaic based water pumping system and method thereof A solar photovoltaic (PV) based water pumping system using brushless DC motor drive. Provides a battery storage-less solar PV fed water pumping
129. Photovoltaic array fed water pumping system with switched reluctance motor and a method thereof A simple and easy control of the water pumping system which performs both the MPPT of SPV array and SRM control using a single converter (mid-point converter), eliminating the phase current sensing.
130. Single stage battery-less multi-functional grid interfaced solar energy conversion system It is a system in which a voltage source converter (VSC) controller serves the multi-functional purpose of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).
131. Low disruption current estimated boost converter for pv maximum power extraction A Photo-Voltaic (PV) module comprising a PV array that generates a PV output voltage and a PV output current. It has a DC-DC boost converter to convert output voltage to voltage applied to the load.
132. Split Bamboo Composite Panel for Efficient and Cost Effective Solar Flat Plate Collector A solar flat plate collector using bamboo slats connected to each other in parallel such that their concave surfaces face one side and are provided with a water (thermic fluid) proof layer.
133. A PV power generating system for improving power extraction of solar PV module arrays A PV Power Generating System comprising of a plurality of PV units based on Dual Layer Maximum Power Point Tracking (DLMPPT) scheme.
134. Inter-connected carbon Nano-sheets based counter electrode catalyst paste formulation for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) To provide a low cost material of plant origin that shows reasonably good efficiency to act as replacement for platinum resulting into lower manufacturing costs of DSSCs.
135. Hydro-wind-photovoltaic based standalone micro grid system A renewable energy based off grid or standalone energy generating system using small hydro, wind and solar energy resources with a battery energy storage for the electrification of rural/remote area, industry or telecommunication towers.
136. Electro-Oculogram (EOG) based multimode controller to rehabilitate severly disabled A method for measuring electrophysiological signals of a mammal towards enabling hands-free wireless or wire enabled execution of commands.
140. Antimicrobial Sutures and process An antimicrobial polypropylene grafted suture for preventing bacterial and fungicidal invasion, with better mechanical and knot security.
141. Multi-functional Knee joint of FRP composites for polio and cerebal Palsy patients A multifunctional light weight offset knee joint for polio and cerebral palsy patients, by being able to be used as a drop lock device or gravity operated locking device on orthotic braces.
142. light weight offset knee joint for above knee amputees. A low cost, light weight fully functioning universal knee joint knee joint designed in a way that it takes into account all the changes to accommodate a multifunctional knee joint.
143. A process for the preparation of scaffold of polycaprolactose by in-situ coagulation for tissue engineering A polycaprolactone based porous scaffold for potential use in blood vessel regeneration. The invention also provides a method of preparation for porous scaffold by pre-coagulation of polymer and evaporation of solvent and nonsolvent during dip coating.
144. A sustained release formulation coating methotrexate and folate nanoparticles and a method for preparing the same A sustained release formulation and a method of production consisting of nanoparticles comprising of methotrexate and folate molecules.
145. A low cost process for production of snake antivenom peptide A process for preparation of low-cost peptide based treatment for snake bite.
146. Textile structures for controlled in vitro bone cell differentiation In vitro methods and kits for controlled osteogenic differentiation wherein the said method comprising culturing progenitor cells in an osteogenic medium in the presence of silk textile braid shaving a three dimensional structure to obtain controlled differentiation of the progenitor cells to differentiated osteogenic cells.
147. A device for automated diagnosis of Epilepsy A device for automatic diagnoses of epilepsy using electroencephalogram (EEG) signals.
148. Organelle-Targeting Nanocarrier A peptide based organelle-targeting nanocarrier for macromolecular delivery to targeted sub-cellular locations and a method for transduction and transfection of mitochondria for human therapeutics.
149. In-Vitro engineered virus-like particles from flock house virus capsid proteins and uses thereof Virus-based nanoparticles capable of incorporating and delivering foreign cargo to specific cells and method of production.
150. Method of scheduling of tasks in an IOT network A mechanism is provided to minimize the power consumption in the IoT Networks through the effective scheduling of tasks on multi core processor
151. High dynamic range CMOS image sensor A method is to provide high sensitivity to detection of high and low lights using conventional CMOS Image sensor
152. Membrane-less Variable Focus Liquid Lens With Manual Actuation A simple membranes-less liquid lens which can be actuated manually using a linear actuator such as screw or piston. The variable focus liquid lens retains the advantages of other membrane-less liquid lenses, such as high resolution and no-gravity affect, while simplifying the actuation mechanism and reducing the fabrication cost.
153. Molybdenum Trioxide and nano silicon chips for acetone detection Chips or sensors comprising nano-silicon and molybdenum trioxide wherein the said chips or sensors are capable of selectively detecting acetone at room temperature.
154. A microelectromechanical (MEMS) switch A DC MEMS switch incorporating self-encapsulated recessed cantilever beam and press-on contacts made by anodic boning of silicon and glass substrate.
155. Reduced rating t-connected autotransformer for converting three phase ac voltages to nine/six phase shifted ac voltages A T-connected autotransformer for converting three-phase ac input voltages to nine phase shifted ac voltages feeding three sets of three-phase diode rectifier bridges.
156. Hybrid Passive filter for Harmonic Mitigation in AC-DC Converters Feeding Variable Frequency Drives A hybrid passive filter for mitigating harmonic distortion for a variable frequency drive which results in reduction in rating of the filter and concomitant increase in power factor both at full load and light load.
157. A prime pulse ac-dc converter A novel transformer for converting three-phase power to dual five-phase power to achieve a prime-pulse AC-DC rectifier.
158. Polygon Autotransformer Based Twenty-Four Pulse AC-DC Converter for Harmonic Mitigation A hexagon-connected autotransformer for converting three-phase ac input voltages to twelve phase shifted ac voltages feeding four identical six-pulse converters. This invention enables a manufacturer to provide a single transformer that can be used in different applications, only by choosing different taps.
159. An isolated wind energy conversion system An isolated wind energy conversion system which deals with control of voltage and frequency of an isolated energy conversion system
160. Controller for a wind energy conservation system (wecs) employing doubly fed induction generator (dfig) feeding local loads A wind energy conversion system for controlling torque of doubly fed induction generator is a voltage and frequency controller for doubly fed induction generator
161. Controller for wind energy conservation system employing squirrel cage Induction generator feeding local loads. A control system having power electronic converters for squirrel cage induction generator. The load side converter is provided with switching transistors, and includes the switching on/of of the transistors
162. A hydro power system It provides a technique for a 3-phase 4-wire distribution system which is most effective for hydro power applications.
163. Phase shifting interferograms for 3-d surface topography. This invention relates to the development of a common path and non-mechanical scanning phase-shifting lateral shearing interferometer based on modified liquid-crystal cell for generating interference fringes with improved contrast and high-spatial carrier frequency linear fringe pattern.
164. Composite railway sleeper High strength and light weight Composite railway sleeper formed from recycled plastic and rubber.
165. A single stage solar PV array fed water pumping system A robust, low cost solar photovoltaic array powered synchronous reluctance motor (SyRM) driven water pumping system, for agricultural purpose in the remote areas especially where grid is not available all the time. This system is highly compatible in bad weather and dynamically climate conditions.
166. Multi-purpose charging station for E-Rickshaws in rural areas A charging station is developed to utilize the solar energy up to maximum extent and build the charging infrastructure for the upcoming surge of e-rickshaws and electric vehicle and therefore, reducing the peak demand of the grid. The present invention will play significant role in non-electrified rural areas.
167. A flame retardant composition and applications thereof A method to obtain a flame retardant rope by coating the at least one yarn with said flame retardant composition which is substantially useful for high-tensile strength applications.
168. A 3D bioprinted scar tissue model The present invention is related to a bioink composition and a 3D bioprinted scar tissue model,which replicates the physiological and architectural characteristics of naturally occurring scar tissue. A method of fabricating the 3D bioprinted scar tissue along with an apparatus for bioprinting the 3D bioprinted scar tissue is also developed.
170. Polypropylene composites and method for preparation thereof The present work relates to method of processing of 3-D printable dynamically vulcanized polypropylene composites that are dimensionally stable, with enhanced mechanical properties and eliminates the problems of shrinkage and inter-layer adhesion.
171. Biosensing Devices A biosensing device is developed which is capable of detection of both polarities of the analyte biomolecules with a high sensitivity and enhance the detection sensitivity during the sensing operation in wet conditions. The device has greater suitability to the future compact and multiplexed biosensing systems.
172. A loop power flow controller for DC distribution networks The present invention is a cost effective solution to provide a replacement of the mechanical switches at the remote end of the feeders in power transmission, thereby facilitating smooth power flow control between feeders. This work provides effective control of the loading of the feeders in power transmission, by controlling the mount of circulating current ring mode.
173. Molecularly modified Schottky barrier diode A method is to reduce the reverse bias leakage current in metal Schottky barrier diodes on AlGaN/GaN HEMT epitaxial films by chemisorption of self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of organic molecules on the semiconductor side at the metal-semiconductor interface.
174. A single sensor based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technique for battery charging A single sensor based maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique for partially shaded photo voltaic (PV) array for battery charging. It’s an effective optimization technique for searching, so it quickly tracks and reaches the maximum power peak, which enhances the overall efficiency of the system. This system performs well under the partially shading condition as well as highly fluctuating conditions.
175. Process And System For Nano-Finishing A Surface A method is to provide nanofinishing of freeform surfaces; regular/irregular curved surfaces and flat surfaces of ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals and many industrial non metallic surfaces without any dependency on the magnetic properties of the material. This work is also to provide control of finishing forces during the finishing process by the application of pneumatic pressure.
176. Bending of orthopaedic plates The invention is development of an Automatic orthopaedic reconstruction plate bending machine which will provide exact matching plate with the fracture of the patient from the CAD data captured through CT scan.
177. Fifth-order Generalized Integrator Based Reduced Sensor Topology For Three-Phase Two-Stage Grid Integrated Solar Photovoltaic System A system and method is developed for implementing a control and filtering technique for robust estimation of the fundamental parameters from grid voltage, which helps in control of the power transfer process, under any abnormal grid conditions for an integrated solar photovoltaic energy conservation system.
178. Process to produce δ-decalactone by integrated fermentation and catalytic processing of biomass A process on integrated fermentation-catalysis to produce food ingredients from an environmentally-benign process by utilizing bio-derived 2-pyrone molecules under mild reaction conditions. An object of the present disclosure is to explore biologically derived 2-pyrone, more specifically 6PP as an important platform molecule to produce DDL and/or mixture thereof as food ingredient under low temperature and hydrogen pressure conditions.
179. A combination lock with a limited trial and resetting mechanism Improved lock system mechanism by limiting number of trails allowed and allowing more trails only by master key.
180. Exoskeleton device for upper limb Rehabilitation The aim is to design a low cost, light weight, portable, patient specific, bio-signal triggered robotic hand for improving activities of daily living and range of motion with performance biofeedback device which can be individually operated by patient at home. This is a biofeedback rehabilitation technique using EMG activity from wrist extension movement to trigger robotic hand for neuro-rehabilitation for attempting faster recovery of patients with paralysis/disability and spasticity, especially stroke affecting upper limb functionality.
181. Tactile feedback in laparoscopes A cost effective method is to provide enhanced haptic feedback to the surgeon while manipulating the tissue using the laparoscope. This technique is to reduce backlash in the joints by determining the pin positions using kinematically determined constraints.
182. Always-Taut Cable Driven Parallel Manipulator And A Vehicle Simulator Based Thereon The invention is to optimise the mounting point configuration of the cable driven parallel manipulator so that the workspace with all cables in tension is maximised. The invention is to ensure the manipulator can impart large accelerations at the poses required by a vehicle simulator and hence, can also be used to simulate impacts typical of bumps and abrupt level changes.
183. Microfluidic chip for neurotransmitter detection A simple, inexpensive, commercially viable and easy to fabricate diagnostic device with point-of-care applications is developed and method for high resolution separation and simultaneous detection of clinically relevant neurotransmitters, such as: dopamine, epinephrine and serotonin for monitoring and diagnosis of psychiatric, neurological and cardiovascular disorders.
184. Bioactive And Insect Repellent Polyethylene Films And Filaments Based On Neem Oil Encapsulated Halloysite Nanotubes (Hnt) The main objective of this invention is to provide green flame retardant polyolefin nanocomposite based on unmodified halloysite nanotube and Intumescent Flame retardants and flame retardant polyolefin nanocomposite having limited oxygen index (LOI)> 27 & having UL-94 V-0 rating
185. Process And Composition Imparting Multifunctional Properties To Fabrics The process of sandwiching of titania nanostructures using cross linking agents to achieve multifunctional properties such as photocatalytic, UV- Protecting, self-cleaning, antimicrobial, anti-fouling, and anti-wrinkle which increases the performance compared to the single layered titania nanostructures. It can be introduced in cotton, polyester, blended fabrics and other natural and synthetic fabrics. The process is to achieve desired multifunctional properties and strong photocatalytic reduction of dyes and organic stains on the fabric.
186. Nano Filtration Assisted Process For Ethanol Fermentation of Lignocellulosic Hydrolysate A nanofiltration based process for production of bioethanol from saccharified lignocellulosic biomass stream using wild type yeast species. The process allows utilization of both glucose and xylose present in the hydrolysate for fermentation of ethanol with high yield and productivity.
187. Swirling device for reduction of erosive wear in pneumatic conveying belts A device and method is developed for imparting the swirling in the flow of particles in a pneumatic conveying pipeline system for avoiding the direct impact of particles on the pipe bends leading to enhancement in the life of pipe bends. The conveying pipeline system which reduces the erosion of pipe bends significantly (3 to 5 times) and also enhances the reliability of the conveying system without degradation of conveyed materials.
188. Anode Structure For Opto-Electronic Devices The present invention is to provide preparation of transparent conducting oxide (TCO) layers from materials like InSnO, ZnO etc., and to provide an anode stack, which is formed by a simple process in sequence, starting from the bottom layer, metal interlayer and the final top layer. The developed sandwich anode structure has application in application in optoelectronic devices, such as heterojunction silicon (HJS) solar cells.
189. Non-Mechanical Tracking Solar Concentrator A non-mechanical tracking solar concentrator based on large Fresnel lens concentrating sunlight throughout the day and for all seasons of the year and mirror system redirecting sunlight. The concentrator has a secondary optics for separating visible and near infrared portion of the sunlight. The visible portion of the sunlight is concentrated onto a solar cell efficiently throughout the day for converting it into electricity and charging the battery or provides power for daily use.
190. A System-On-Chip With In-Built Mechanism And Method For Identification Of Faulty Components In The System-On-Chip A system and method is developed for identifying faulty components in system-on- chip. The method is comprised of sending or receiving message between the two guest circuitry via at least one host circuitry and providing certificate for each message sent from the host circuitry to the guest circuitry or from the guest circuitry to the host circuitry by embedded meters provided on each guest circuitry and each host circuitry.
191. Position Estimation And Starting Of A Sensorless Brushless Dc Motor A device is for driving a position sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor, in on-the-fly mode. It consists of DC link current sensor operably connected to the inverter and a controller, sensing of the DC link current of the inverter. In the device controller configured to send switching pulses to the inverter, recording and comparing the current responses with each other to estimate the initial rotor position.
192. A System For Controlling Speed Of A Switched Reluctance Motor An efficient and cost effective system for controlling speed of a switched reluctance motor with power factor correction (PFC) and improved duty cycle. . The discontinuous current mode (DCM) of operation is selected here to control the PFC converter. The major advantage of selecting DCM is reduced size and cost of the system, as only one voltage sensor is required to obtain inherent PFC with DC link voltage control. In DCM based control, the circuit inductor exhibits discontinuous current through it, thus size of the magnetic component is reduced drastically as compared to continuous conduction node (CCM) based control where continuous inductor current requires bulky inductor.
191. Hybrid Microgrid Synchronisation and Desynchronisation with Utility Grid and Diesel Generator A hybrid microgrid for providing transient free synchronisation and desynchronisation with the grid and diesel generator depending upon the grid availability, renewable power generation and load demand conditions.
192. Formation Of Thin Film Like Assembly By Solvent Non-Evaporative Method Using Centrifuge A method for manufacturing a thin film of nanomaterial, the method comprising forming a non-precipitating dispersion solution of nano-particles in a solvent, centrifuging the dispersion solution at a controlled temperature, pressure, and centrifugation velocity and using a combination of centrifugal/centripetal force, hydrodynamic friction force, and weak interactive forces (Van der Waals and similar) in centrifuging manner to form a thin film over the substrate.
193. System For Supplying Polishing Fluid To facilitate easy, quick and economical method for changing the material-specific polishing fluid for finishing of different materials is developed. This work is to supply a precise amount of polishing fluid depending upon the selected finishing parameters and to ensure that the right composition of material-specific fluid is delivered for finishing of different materials
194. Recyclable Smart Mesh for on Demand Separation of Oily Water It relates to production of nanostructured smart surface mesh with reversible wetting properties for separation of oil and water from oily water. The mesh is recyclable, thus eco-friendly. It is also efficient and cost effective. It works both in water-removing mode as well as oil-removing mode to separate both light and heavy oils from water.
195. A nano-adsorbent for removal of Lanthanide ions from water and associated methods. A nano-adsorbent for removal of lanthanide ions from water comprising nanoparticles of Methylenediphosphonic acid – aminopropyl silica (MDPA-APS)or nanoparticles of Malonic acid – aminopropyl silica (MA-APS) and associated methods of using the nano-adsorbent, regenerating the used nano-adsorbent, and recovery of lanthanide ions from the nano-adsorbent.
196. Polyelectrolyte gels for sorption of crude oil and its emulsions with sea water and deionized water and its process thereof It covers a macro-porous pH responsive polyelectrolyte gel for sorption of crude oil and its emulsions and the process of making the same. The developed polyelectrolyte gel showed direct response in relation to pH, remarkable reusability feature, and considerable strength during swelling and collapse cycles. The developed polyelectrolyte gel are applicable in sorption of very stable water in crude oil emulsions which are formed due to weathering of spilled oil in a marine environment.
197. Multi-purpose charging station for E-Rickshaws Multi-purpose charging station for E-Rickshaws in rural areas is a solar photo-voltaic (PV) integrated charging station for e- rickshaws and electric vehicle (EV). It extracts the maximum power from the solar PV to charge the vehicle battery and thus reducing the peak demand of the grid. It enhances efficient use of energy and stabilizes the grid as well as the battery.
198. Hydrogen fueled multi-cylinder spark ignition engine generator for electrical power generation It is an apparatus for utilization of Hydrogen as a clean / green fuel that has potential to eliminate carbon based emissions along with fuel economy improvement in the spark ignition engines.
199. Alcohol-Diesel-Water Microemulsion Fuels A composition and method of formulating a microemulsion fuel which reduces the exhaust gas emissions and thereby proving an environmental friendly and economical solution.
200. Automatic strap mechanism for motorcycle helmet The present invention relates to an automated strap tightening mechanism for a motorcycle helmet ensuring that the helmet does not fly off from the head during an accident. The strap mechanism is very useful to secure the head from the fatal injuries during motorcycle accidents.
201. Magnetorheological brake Magnetorheological brake operating under shear, squeezing and valve modes is used for providing controllable torque by controlling the weight percentage of magnetic particles. In off state it gives very low friction resistance but on actuating electromagnet it applies high friction resistance.
202. Control strategy of optimum CNG fuel injection for BSEC improvement and emission (CO2 and NOx) reduction of a dual fuel stationary diesel engine It relates to a device and method for optimum CNG fuel injection in a dual fuel stationary genset diesel engine as well as reducing CO2 and NOx emissions.
203. Direct thermal sensation index based control and apparatus for HVAC system It is a control apparatus for controlling operation of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HV AC) system which effectively reduces the energy consumption and achieves a satisfactory level of thermal comfort at the same time.
204. System and method for full resolution fourier domain OCT imaging It relates to a system and method of Fourier domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) for achieving full depth resolution in clinical imaging through modeling a data via Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and recovering sparse coefficient vector.
205. A two-step process for extraction of essential oil and curcumin from turmeric rhizomes A two-step, green extraction process involving two separate green techniques such as liquid CO2 extraction method and pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) method for extracting highly valued components like turmeric oil and curcumin rich extracts from turmeric rhizomes and waste of turmeric processing industries.
206. Synergistic combinations of natural antimicrobials encapsulated in the porous PLGA particles and their application in food preservation The invention provides porous microparticles of poly lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA) formed using natural antibacterial used for food preservation and the demonstration of synergistic action of natural antibacterials to prolong shelf-life of food by complete inhibition of bacterial growth.
207. An Apparatus and process for extraction of materials by liquids under elevated pressure An apparatus used for extraction of materials by liquids under elevated pressures and the process for such extraction.
208. Capillary electrophoresis microchip for beer and wine quality testing The invention relates to a capillary electrophoresis microchip device with pulsed amperometric detection technique for the analysis of quality parameters of the major flavonoids and phenolic acids present in wine and beer during its production stage itself.
209. Development of infection resistant nano-functional polyurethane material and a product thereof A method of manufacture of infection resistant nanofunctional polyurethane material and a durable, antimicrobial polyurethane material with enhanced mechanical strength and decrease in stiffness.
210. All in one smart medical jacket A medical jacket that is one stop solution for various problems and has 3 zones comprising of electronic massager, heater and pneumatic support system.
211. Elbow Implant The elbow implant is of reduced size and includes a minimum number of parts to ensure minimal bone loss with ease of assembly during the total elbow replacement.
212. A device for knotting a suture and a method of knotting a suture thereof It relates to a device and method which is less complicated, cost effective and less time consuming.