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Startups incubated at our BBIF

Movtrack Biomedical

A wearable health-tech company focused on physiotherapy and fitness markets. The designs novel, artificial-intelligence enabled clothing to re-invent physiotherapy/rehabilitation patients’ exercise experience and gym-goers.

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Nanosafe Solutions Pvt Ltd

Nanosafe Solutions is focusing on imparting innovative functionalities stemming from nanotechnology to polymer and material systems. Currently this startup is making antimicrobial water storage bottles and containers.

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SiCureMi Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd

SiCureMi uses predictive analytics from historical/real-time data via the Internet of Things (IoT) and medical reports to provide affordable non-invasive personalized care.

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StellarGene Technologies Pvt Ltd

StellarGene Technologies is working with the latest genomics technology and offering genetic diagnostic tests to clinicians, genomic solutions to researchers and skill enhancement trainings. StellarGene Technologies is selling high-end Genetic tests in the Indian market and developing novel genetic tests which are technologically superior and cost- effective.

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Ramja Genosensor

Ramja Genosensor is working on paper based sensor which will detect bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance in less than 2 hours.

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Start-ups incubated at TBIU

Creatara Mobility Pvt Ltd

Rethinking Mobility through adaptive modular platform.

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Nable IT Consultancy

Building platforms and products using artificial intelligence and machine learning in computer vision and predictive analytics can license companies to integrate with their solutions.

ETEX Technologies

The startup has developed an Antiviral Garment, “Kawach,” made by nanotechnology to ensure >95% safety from virus and bacteria.

BrainVention 2.0

BrainVention 2.0 works on solid state semi-conductors to make cooling and heating highly energy efficient and portable, it enables us to localise and miniaturise thermal management systems which opens up various doors for innovation in new & emerging markets.

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Vecros Technologies Pvt Ltd

Integrating Drones into supply chain. The drone carries your goods directly from one port to another. No need to wait until the truck fills up, no red lights, no 6 pm traffic jams include.

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Aerogram Technologies Pvt Ltd

Building citywide network of air pollution monitors to track personal exposure to pollution.

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Kriya Labs

Kriya Labs provides Packaging Solutions using only eco-friendly value added materials from waste natural materials/fibre.

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Flexmotiv Technologies Pvt Ltd

Flexmo basic axillary crutches that helps paraplegic patients walk on all terrains easily. They grip the surface just as good as any human feet. Be it wet surface or Snow, with Flexmo you can walk confidently anywhere.

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Quanteon Powertrain Pvt Ltd

Quanteon Powertrain is developing axial flux motor with 95% regenerative braking.

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Fabiosys Innovations

Fabiosys innovations is developing “infection-proof fabrics” to prevent hospital acquired infections. In experiments, Fabiosys’ fabrics have been shown to kill around 99.9 per cent of pathogens in one-two hours.

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TRYDAN Cleantech Pvt Ltd

Trydan is developing an ‘Electric Vehicle Management System (EVMS)’ and a mobile application.

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Raised Lines Foundation

Design and production of books in accessible formats along with the tactile diagrams. Development and dissemination of solutions related to tactile diagrams which includes machines, software etc.

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Phase Labs

Phase Labs uses an advanced microscopy technology to capture 3D imaging and retrieve 3D parametric data of morphological changes in biological cells. Early applications include imaging of Pap smear samples for detecting pre-cancerous cervical cells and a population study of red blood cells for personalized wellness testing.

Botlab Dynamic Pvt Ltd

Focusing on industry grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)having sensing and imaging capabilities for various kind of application across industries.

Tensor Dynamics

Assessment of wind resource in the using different numerical methods.

AiNS PeopleTech Pvt Ltd

Technology based skill match and skill development solutions

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Sisdy Estylo

ESTYLO – A personalised fashion recommendation engine that suggest user which apparel will look good on them according to their body type.

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Anaavaran Technologies

Device narrates the content in the picture when a visually-impaired person touches it.

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Medicfibers Pvt Ltd

Medicfibers Private Limited is a technology-driven startup dealing in proprietary antiviral and antimicrobial chemicals as well as textile solutions.

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Better Health Technologies India

Med-Genie- a multi-dimensional platform that can provide over-the-counter(OTC) medicines, hygiene products for women and some healthy snacks.

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Geliose Mobility Private Limited

Geliose Technologies uses application of developed technologies, in bringing innovative and efficient vehicles to life to solve the existing problems of public transport.

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HyperX Energy

HyperX Energy is developing an Advanced Technology based Electric Performance motorcycle embedded with assistive intelligence.

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Matisoft Cyber Security Labs

Matisoft is currently building artificial intelligence based technology for computer antivirus.

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CYRAN AI Solutions

Developing advanced hardware-software technology solutions in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber-Physical Security

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TinkerTech Labs Pvt Ltd

TranscribeGlass is a retrofit smart glass. No need for surgeries, implants, or devices inside or on your ear. Simply snap-on the device to any spectacle frames.

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Soulmachine Innovations Pvt. Ltd

Ethx is enabling people to live on crypto and blockchain. Ethx is an integrated blockchain and crypto suite on a decentralised network

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Past Incubator Companies

Planin Innovation &Consultancy Services

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Aquasense Pvt Ltd

Aim to revolutionize the way water resources systems work in the world.

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Luminasic Pvt Ltd

The company is engaged in the design and development of precision (CMOS) imaging systems. The intended applications of these are in: Low light imaging for autonomous mobility; Sharp, well-defined images for the enhanced capability of security systems; High sensitivity images for use in the medical field; and Accurate imaging for defense and space systems.

Cerelia Nutritech Pvt. Ltd.

Tackling Maternal malnutrition through frugal innovation…

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Valetude Primus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Valetude Primus, a technology spinoff from IIT Delhi, was founded in the year 2015 to develop innovative healthcare diagnostics …

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Cutting Edge Medical Devices

Cutting Edge Medical Devices Private Limited is a med-tech start-up, spin-off from the very fertile and conducive Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. The inherent feeling of purpose is very well depicted in the motto statement – BORN TO INNOVATE…

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Wrig Nano

Medical devices company.

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Faros Technologies

Faros Simulation System (FSS) is the technology leader for driver training simulators in India with an installation base of more than 200 driving simulators.

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Vizara Technologies

We are a technology start-up providing knowledge-based virtual reality and augmented reality solutions in various domains such as heritage preservation, tourism, real-estate, security and smart city governance.

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At i2e1 (Information To Every One), we believe in the power of information. We are creating the largest connected platform in the world. Backed by a team of IIT-IIM pedigree i2e1 is an AI-based platform transforming information delivery to millions.

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Clensta International

Waterless Technology is an advance scientific formulation which is used to develop products driven by sustainability concerns with no use of water while meeting the consumer demands. The mission is to provide affordable hygiene solutions given at any adverse location to anyone anytime.

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Nanoclean Global Pvt Ltd

With our patented Nano filter technology, we have engineered a solution to the ever-increasing pollution levels. We aim to expertise in manufacturing high-efficiency air filter mediums and creating a plethora of product range that upturns the existing mediums and creates a sustainable solution to pollution!

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Vecmocon Technologies

Vehicle intelligence module.

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Advantage Organic Naturals Technologies Pvt Ltd

World’s first range of garments designed to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health…

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KritiKal Solutions


KritiKal Solutions is a technology design house specializing in Product Development, R&D and Innovation

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Creditas Solutions


Leading provider of Customer Engagement Solutions to the top Financial Institutions in India.

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Gram Vaani

At Gram Vaani, we believe in using appropriate technology and people driven processes to build participatory media networks that can empower communities.

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EkamEco Solutions


Ekam Eco Solutions, founded in 2013, is a research spin-off of IIT Delhi’s works on Sanitation

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