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Professional Candidate Registration Programme at IIT Delhi (PCR)

IIT Delhi understands that part-time post-graduate education eg M.Tech. requires a high intensity commitment of 3 years and a Ph.D programme even more involvement. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time for making such a long term commitment. Therefore, to facilitate focused educational need, a working professional can simply choose a course from nearly 400+ courses offered each semester and register for one. For the first time, it is possible to get the feel and benefit of IIT Delhi education with just an application form showing interest in a regular course at IIT Delhi (subject to approval by the Dept/Centre) for professional growth.

Eligibility Criteria
Sponsorship by industry, government or academic organization.

Educational background
Graduate degree in Engineering or post graduate degree in a Science subject, Management etc with relevant industry experience.

Rs. 5000/- per credit – for industry professionals
Rs. 2000 per credit – for people from government organizations / academic Institutions (For example a 3-credit course shall entail a total Fee of Rs. 15,000/- or 6,000/-)

Professional students attending courses must appear in all the tests as per the norms for regular students. They will be required to go through the same rigor in the course as any regular student of IIT Delhi. Based on the performance, he/she will be awarded certificate of successful completion of the course.

Professional Candidate Registration (PCR) at IIT Delhi

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