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FITT is looking for commercial and collaborative partners

FITT is looking for commercial and collaborative partners for IIT Delhi Technologies (non-patented) and transferring technology on the following terms and conditions:

  • exclusive basis for INR 50,000/- (plus applicable taxes) and 3% royalty (net sale) on as it is basis
  • Consultancy Fee (if further development desired and involves IITD, a separate proposal will submitted)

For details, please email filled in Application for Transfer (Download Here) to licensing team at

  1. Packet Error correction in Networks
  2. A novel design of pilfer proof, collapsible, secure, light weight currency carrying FRP box
  3. Protein folding in vivo for over expressed proteins in Escherichia coli
  4. An improved device for coupling suspended stripline and nrd guides
  5. Method for the production of high modulus fibers or gradient drawing process
  6. A Process for solvent less synthesis of benzoxazine (BZ)
  7. A novel biocatalyst design called crosslinked protein coated microcrystals
  8. An intrinsically Gain flattened Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  9. A novel process for the production of therapeutic proteins and resulting products thereof
  10. Synthesis of Mercury Cadmium Telluride Nanoparticles by Solvothermal Technique
  11. Method for specific integration of T7 RNA polymerase gene in the chromosome of corynebacteria and the resultant corynebacteria
  12. A photodegradable polymeric composition and a process for its manufacture
  13. Biodegradable Masterbatch (Bio-D-MB) Formulation for Packaging Fiber Application
  14. A System and method for preventing hacking of digital information
  15. A System and Method for error correction using Trellis codes
  16. Rust reforming and inhibiting composition
  17. An improved process for fluidised flow bio-reaction and apparatus thereof.
  18. A Method for recovery of vat dyes from the effluents containing vat dyes
  19. A method for improving dyeability of acrylic fibre and the dyed products thereof
  20. An Automatic Light Transmission Measurement Device
  21. A Covalently Cross-linked alginate based wound dressing material and a process of preparing the same
  22. A Method for the preparation of improved biocompatible nylon sutures having anti microbial property and the suture thus produce
  23. A Method for dyeing of yarn and fabric with electrodeposition and products thereof
  24. A Gunn diode oscillator in suspended stripline configuration with evanescent guide termination
  25. Improved Blood Grouping Card
  26. Composition for oral delivery of therapeutic agent and processes thereof
  27. A Novel Hydrogel and A Process for Preparation of a Hydrogel
  28. Tunable peak-to-average power ratio frequency division multiplexing
  29. Reduced Rating T-Connected Autotransformer for Converting Three Phase AC Voltages to Nine/Six Phase Shifted AC Voltages
  30. System and method for blind multi-users (MU) detection of BPSK-DS-CDMA signals
  31. An electrocoagulator and a method for treatment of effluents using the electrocoagulator
  32. A Method and system for monitoring vibrations of rotating blades of turbines
  33. An anolog to digital converter computing all the bits in parallel and simultaneously without using any decoding means