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Latest Filed IP

Opportunities for IP Licensing
S. No.TitlePICentre/Dept
1Always-taut cable driven parallel manipulator and a vehicle simulator based thereonProf S MukherjeeME
2Microfluidic chip for neurotransmitter detectionProf SK JhaCBME
3Bioactive and insect repellent polyethylene films and filaments based on Neem oil encapsulated Halloysite Nanotubes (HNT)Prof M JoshiTT
4Process and composition imparting multifunctional properties to fabricsProf S MukhopadhyayTT
5Nano filtration assisted process for ethanol fermentation of lignocellulosic hydrolysateProf GP AgarwalDBEB
6Infinity Helix (logo)Prof AS RathoreCHEME
7Center of Excellence Biopharmaceutical TechnologyProf AS RathoreDCHEM
8Swirling device for reduction of erosive wear in pneumatic conveying beltsProf VK AgarwalITTMEC
9Anode structure for opto-electronic devicesProf VK KomaralaCES
10Non-mechanical tracking solar concentratorProf DS MehtaPHY
12A system-on-chip with in-built mechanism and method for identification of faulty components in the system-on-chipProf SR SarangiCSE
13Position estimation and starting of a sensorless brushless DC motorProf AK JainEE
14A system for controlling speed of a switched reluctance motorProf B SinghEE
15Hybrid Microgrid Synchronisation and Desynchronisation with Utility Grid and Diesel GeneratorProf B SinghEE
16Formation of thin film like assembly by solvent non-evaporative method using centrifugeProf S BasuCHEME
17System for supplying polishing fluidProf S JhaME
18Smart CaseProf S MukherjeeME
19Facile method for controlled pore fillingProf V DuttaCE
19Method for management of two secondary underlay multiuser downlink networksShankar PrakriyaEE
20Magnetorheological finishing tool with electromagnet coolingProf S JhaME
21Development of infection resistant nano-functional polyurethane material and a product thereofProf B GuptaTT
22A process for preparing three dimensional porous scaffold and the three dimensional porous scaffold formed thereofProf RK SrivastavaTT
23Composite railway sleeperProf N BhatnagarME
24Water purification systemProf W AliTT
25Method for fabrication of MEMS integrated sensor and sensor thereofProf S DhanekarCRDT
26System and method for improving the performance of an architectural simulatorProf SR SarangiCSE
27Rapid manufacturing of metal products using ultrasonic vibration assisted pressureless sintering (UAPS)Prof PM PandeyME
28All in one smart medical jacketProf SN SinghAM
29Diblock copolymer in a nanosystem, and implementations thereofProf V KoulCBME
30A medicament for the treatment of diseases by biofilm forming microorganismsProf S HasnainKSBS
31Composite fibers having aligned inorganic nano structures of high aspect ratio and preparation methodProf AK AgarwalTT
32Shape engineered spectrally selective absorbersProf M SinghEE
33A three-phase, three wire grid interfaced solar photovoltaic system with islanding and synchronization capabilitiesProf B SinghEE
34Improvement of stability and function of GroEl protein, and implementations thereofProf TK ChaudhuryKSBS
353D printed construct for correcting bone defects and stem cell deliveryProf S GhoshTT
36Composite fibers having aligned inorganic nano structures of high aspect ratio and preparation methodProf AK AgarwalTT
37Pullout device for measuring inclined pullout resistance of geosynthetic reinforcement material and method thereofProf J T ShahuCE
38A random access method and apparatusProf SK MohammadEE
39IOT based person identification system using footfall signatureProf S KarEE
40System and method for achieving ultra-high depth of field imagingProf K KharePHY
41Photovoltaic system to track the maximum power point for maximum power extraction and method thereofProf B SinghEE
42Passive infrared sensor based indoor localizationProf S KarEE
43Method for fabricating a heterojunction silicon solar cell at room temperatureProf VK KomaralaCES
44A Process for Fractionating Components of a BiomassProf N SinghCBME
45Process of preparation of fuel additives and commodity chemicalsProf KK PantCHEME
46Methodology to fabricate customized shape polymeric tubular stentProf PM PandeyME
47A system for production of biomethane and biocarbon dioxide from biogas and method thereofProf VK VijayCRDT
48Post-curing inflation of tireProf S MukherjeeME
49Biomass pellet based combustion devicesProf SK TyagiCES
50Molecularly modified gallium-nitride based ultraviolet photodetector and a method of fabrication thereofProf R SinghPHY
51Internally cooled EDM tool by rapid manufacturingProf PM PandeyME
52Magnetically separable super-hydrophobic and super-oleophilic porous carbon nanocomposite for efficient separation of oils from water-oil mixtureProf N KharePHY
53Neonatal IncubatorProf SN SinghAM
54A microfluidic device and a method for fabricating a three-dimensional (3D) poly-high internal phase emulsionsProf N KharePHY
55Composite fibers having aligned inorganic nano structures of high aspect ratio and preparation methodProf AK AgarwalTT
56Non-invasive handheld optical sensor for multi-analyte detection in salivaProf SK JhaCBME
57Flexible nanocomposite films by incorporating piezoelectric/ferroelectric nanostructures into ferroelectric polymers for enhanced triboelectric effectProf N KharePHY
58Recombinant vector for bio-desulfurization, and implementations thereofProf P SrivastavaDBEB
59Method for monitoring of foulants present on chromatographic resins using fluorescence probeProf AS RathoreCHEME
60A method of distributed state estimation of nodes/bus of a
power system
Prof AR AbhyankarEE
61Ionic liquid, and process for preparation thereofProf B NadanTT
62BioreactorProf A SrivastavaDBEB
63Liquid distributors for three phase applications of monolith catalysts and subtratesProf S RoyCHEME
64Method for monitoring of Foulants present on Chromatographic resins using fluorescence probeProf AS RathoreCHEME

IP’s filed during Jan- July 2018

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