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Filed IP’s since July ’16

Opportunities for IP Licensing
S. No.TitlePICentre/Dept
1Method of scheduling of tasks in an IOT networkProf SR SarangiCSE
2A cell-penetrating peptide sequenceProf A ChughKSBS
3Molybdenum trioxide and nano silicon chips for acetone detectionProf S DhanikarCARE
4Compact coiled flow inverters as in-line mixersProf KDP NigamCHEME
5A back to back DC-DC-PV battery isolated system to mimic inverter to drive daily appliancesProf S MishraEE
6Stimuli sensitive polymeric nanosystem for co-delivery of drugs and nucleic acidsProf V KoulCBME
7Gasoline composition comprising alkyl levuliniates and process of making the sameProf MA HaiderCHEME
8Apparatus for measurement of heat transfer through thermal protective clothingProf P TalukdarME
9System and method for engineering robust laser beams capable of propagating through random media with minimal distortionProf KB KharePHY
10Versatile tangential flow membrane based separation equipmentProf GP AgarwalDBEB
11System and method for reduction of torque ripple in double inverter fed wound rotor induction machineProf AK JainEE
12Agrobacterium derived cell penetrating peptides as nanocarriersProf A ChughKSBS
13Apparatus and process for fabricating natural fiber based flexible thermally bonded yarn for thermoplastic composite reinforcementProf R AlagisamyTT
14A medicament for the treatment of diseases by biofilm forming microorganismsProf Seyed HasnainKSBS
15Larvae and egg detectorProf R BoseEE
163D printed construct for correcting bone defects and stem cell deliveryProf S GhoshTT
17Process for enhanced production of recombinant human serum albumin in E. Coli through chaperone assistanceProf TK ChaudhuriKSBS
17Optimization of supplementary battery-assisted energy harvesting nodeProf S PrakriyaEE
19A nano-adsorbent for removal of lanthanide ions from water and associated methodsProf AK GanguliCHEM
20A system and method for control and ripple reduction in SRIM based DFIG-DC generation systemProf AK JainEE
21Recyclable smart mesh for on- demand separation of oily waterProf JP SinghPHY
22Redox flow battery system with improved energy efficiency and method of operating thereofProf A VermaCHEME
23Nanocomposite photocatalystsProf N KharePHY
24A two-step process for extraction of essential oil and curcumin from turmeric rhizomesProf SN NaikCRDT