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Filed IP’s since July ’16 Archive


Opportunities for IP Licensing

Sl No Title PI Centre/ Dept
1 Flexible composites for ballistic applications Prof BS Butola TT
2 Process for preparation of hydric alcohols Dr MA Haider CHEM
3 Process for production and isolation of recombinant human serum albumin in E. Coli Prof TK Chaudhuri KSBS
4 A novel device for measuring pressure pulse based on arterial tonometry Dr S Roy AM
5 Smart power management in DC home Prof S Mishra EE
6 Method of enhancing protein activity Dr B Kundu KSBS
7 A grid interactive solar photovoltaic based water pumping system and method thereof Prof B Singh EE
8 Fluid film journal bearing Prof RK Pandey ME
9 Green fluorescent carbon dots for ph sensing Dr N Singh CBME
10 Polymer tubes for manufacturing stents Prof N Bhatnagar ME
11 A lobular dental implant Prof N Bhatnagar ME
12 Development of a new process for c-n coupling Prof AN Bhaskarwar CHEME
13 Composite fibers having aligned inorganic nano structures of high aspect ratio and preparation method Prof A Agrawal TT
14 Multilobe adaptive fluid film journal bearing Prof RK Pandey ME
15 An assay and kit for detection of endotoxin Dr S Gupta CHEME
16 Image sensor Dr M Suri EE
17 Training a neural network Prof Jayadeva EE
18 A single phase dual mode reconfigurable microgrid system Prof B Singh EE
19 A PV power generating system for improving power extraction of solar PV module array Prof S Mishra EE
20 Alcohol-diesel-water microemulsion fuels Prof AN Bhaskarwar CHEME
21 A formulation for stabilizing bio-therapeutics Prof AS Rathore CHEME
22 A microelectromechanical (MEMS) switch Dr S Dhanekar CARE
23 Photovoltaic array fed water pumping system with switched reluctance motor and a method thereof Prof B Singh EE
24 Textile structures for controlled in vitro bone cell differentiation Dr S Ghosh TT
25   A grid interfaced SPY array fed water pumping systeM Prof B Singh EE
26 A device for automated diagnosis of epilepsy Dr TK Gandhi EE