Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer

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IP since Jan. 2016

S. No. Title PI/Dept/Centre
1 Cap Remover Prof S N Singh, AM
2 System and method for protecting fragile objects Prof S Mukherjee, ME
3 Water pumping system with solar photovoltaic array FED brushless DC motor and a method thereof Prof B Singh, EE
4 An assay and kit for detection of endotoxin Dr S Gupta, CHEME
5 Inter-connected carbon nano-sheets (ICNS) based electrode catalyst pase formulation for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) and method of deposition of the same Prof AN Bhaskarwar, CHEME
6 Process for conversin of Sulfur Trioxide and Hydrogen production Dr S Upadhyayula, CHEME
7 Catalyst composition for conversion of Sulfur Trioxide and Hydrogen production process Dr S Upadhyayula, CHEME
8 Method for monitoring of Foulants present on Chromatographic resins using Fluorescence probe Prof AS Rathore, CHEME
9 In-Vitro engineered virus-like particles from Flock House Virus Capsid proteins and uses thereof Dr M Banerjee, KSBS
10 Formation of Ester and Amide Bonds by Enzymes in an Aqeous media Prof MN Gupta, DBEB
11 Triple-Layer wound dressing material and method of preparation thereof Prof V Koul, CBME
12 Circuit topology of Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) from DC to AC Power Conversion applications Dr A Das, EE
13 Membrane-less variable focus liquid lens with manual actuation Dr SS Bahga, ME
14 System and device for measuring the compression properties of textiles Prof SM Ishtiaque, TT
15 A grid interfaced smart charging station Prof S Mishra,EE
16 Aluminosilicate based catalyst for conversion of natural gas to higher hydrocarbons and process thereof Prof KK Pant, CHEME
17 Flexure based passive grippers Dr J Prasad, ME
18 Concrete vibration energy harvester Dr S Bhalla, CE
19 Twin/multiple rotor vertical axis wind turbine Prof S Veeravalli, AM
20 Organelle-targeting peptide as nanocarrier for macromolecule delivery Dr A Chugh, KSBS
21 Automatic strap mechanism for motorcycle helmet Prof P Mahajan, AM
22 System and method for full resolution fourier domain OCT imaging Dr K Khare, PHY
23 Classifying test data based on a maximum margin classifier Prof Jayadeva, EE