Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer

Industrial Consultancy Projects

This typically includes projects addressing technologies at the core and aims generally the development of proprietary knowledge in a process, product, software, designs, specific/generic algorithm etc.

A few examples are:

  • Analysis of two-phase flow through fine channels of Porous Substrates
  • Design of RF MEMS Switches as per Waterloo Foundry Rules
  • Development of Standard Cross-section for Urban Roads
  • Design & Development of MIC and Antenna Trainer Kit at J-Band
  • Development of a Thorax and an Abdomen FE Model
  • Fundamental Studies on Droplet Coalescence and Re-dispersion in Liquid – Liquid Dispersions
  • New-Gen Polyolefin Films for Hygiene Applications (Year-1)
  • VALORGAS – Valorisation of Food Waste to Biogas
  • Technology Licensing of “Odourless, Waterless Urinal Traps and associated structures”
  • Technology Licensing of “Odourless, Waterless Urinal Traps and associated structures”
  • Design of Solar Energy Systems for ITDC Hotels at Jaipur and Bharatpur
  • Barrier Design for Noise mitigation along the new runway at IGI Airport, New Delhi
  • Fundamental Studies and Industrial Applications in Membrane Adsorbers
  • Investigation on integrity analysis of pipeline weld joints & process parameters development using fracture mechanics (CTOD) approach
  • Use of Bio-separation Technologies in PAT and QbD based Process
  • Analysis of a 20 foot folding container with doors on the side panel and a 180 degree top opening roof and development of a concept of a 40 foot foldable container
  • Development of the Iontophoretic kit for a transdermal delivery of Methotrexate and insulin and Validation of Iontophoretic parameters for diclofenac
  • Developing compliant surfaces and lubricating oils for reduced oil consumption
  • AsianCitiesAdapt – Impact of Climate Change in Target Cities in India and the Philippines and local Adaptation Strategies
  • Investigation of Hydrodynamics in Rotary Fluidized Bio-Reactor
  • Simulation software for Power Distribution Management System
  • Automated fault detection and Diagnostics Rules for HVAC Systems (Ph.-I)
  • Development of Nanocoatings for application in Coated Fabrics
  • Technical due diligence of M/s FLISOM AG, Switzerland
  • Algorithms for Inertial Sensor-based Pedestrian Navigation
  • Development of Data Analytics Technology for Mobile Marketing
  • Setting up of RF Characterization Laboratory and Development of Microwave Integrated Circuit Components
  • Public Health Impacts in Urban Environments of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategies – PURGE
  • Fundamental Studies on Droplet Coalescence and Redispersion in Liquid – Liquid Dispersions