Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer

Compendium of Licensable Technologies

Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, the technology transfer arm of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, is responsible for licensing/technology transfer of patented and non-patented technologies.

Procedure for licensing IIT Delhi’s technologies:


  • Compendium in FITT website
  • List of recently filed IP
  • Open IP
  • IIT Delhi’s Website

Email id: [email protected]
(Once the technology has been identified you should contact Consultant-Licensing (Ms. Pooja Bhatia) who will resolve your queries and provide the information required for evaluating the technology.)

Write to us for additional technical and scientific details information or for setting up a meeting or call with inventor. At this stage you would need to execute an NDA.

After deciding to pursue a technology for licensing you will be asked to submit the letter of intent on company’s letter head and license application.

Once the license application is received at our end, FITT will do a quick assessment and revert.

After submission of licensing application, FITT will propose a term sheet to company

Execution of license agreement enables the company to make and develop the technology. We want to assure the technology performs well in your environment, and our relationship with you is mutually beneficial as we observe your commercialization efforts.

Generally, there are two modes of technology transfer:

  • Non-exclusive license
  • Technology development and transfer

The financial conditions vary from case to case depending upon stage of development and market value of technology but, include a lumpsum, or milestone based payment or cost of development and commitment fee and royalty.

Application for LicensingDownload

Technologies at different stages of development are available for licensing and further development.

Technologies available for Licensing and Development

  • Lifesciences
  • Textiles
  • Construction-Methods & Materials
  • Chemical based
  • Energy & Environment
  • Automobiles Electronics
  • Devices, Instruments & Machines
  • Computer and software related
  • Others

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