Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer

Biotechnology Business Incubation Facility (BBIF)

The BBIF has been in operation since October 2014. It provides incubation support to biotech start-ups, enables access to specialized equipment and also provides experimental facilities, IP guidance, market linkages etc.

Tariff for Equipment at Biotechnology Business Incubation Facility (BBIF) at IIT Delhi

First Fifty Hours of usage for each equipment is free for each company incubating at BBIF. Corporate members of FITT will get 25% discount on the existing rates for Corporates/private labs:

S. No.  Equipment Type of Service Provided Charges for Incubatees Charges for corporates /private labs
1 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu) UV/Vis spectra measurements and scans Rs. 250 Per 30 Minutes of Usage. Rs 400 Per 30 Min
2 Gas chromatography system
For Analysis of lipids/ volatile molecules Rs. 1000 Per Usage upto a maximum of 2 hours Rs 1500 Per Usage upto a maximum of 2 hours
3 Gel Documentation system
SDS PAGE/ Agarose gel scans and quantitation. Rs. 100 Per Scan or Rs 300 Per Hour of Usage. Rs 500 Per Usage Upto a maximum of 1 hour)
4 Incubator Shaker (Remi) For Incubating culture plates/ Shake flasks Rs. 50 per hour or Rs 500 Per day of Usage Rs 80 Per hour or Rs 800 Per day of Usage.
5 pH Meter (Metler Toldeo) pH Measurements Rs. 50 per use for maximum of one hour Rs. 60 Per use for a maximum of one hour.
6 Biosafety Cabinet class II (ESCO) For Microbial/Cell culture work Rs. 100 per hour Rs 150 Per hour of Usage

Deep Freezer -80oC (Haier), Gel running apparatus for SDS PAGE and Agarose gels (Bio-Rad), Water purification system (Elga), Magnetic stirrer (Major Science), Weighing balance (Sartorius), Conductivity meter (Eutech) are currently available for Incubatees in the laboratory space without any charges.